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  • Escape Trappe


An escape room is a 60-minute real-life adventure game, each with a different theme. Picture yourself on the set of a mystery movie with fully functioning props where YOU control the action. With only 60 minutes on the clock you must find the clues, put the pieces together, and solve the mystery!

Escape Trappe has FOUR Escape Rooms with Unique Themes:

In "The Outbreak" you must find a cure to stop the infectious zombie outbreak before it takes control over all humans on Earth!

In "Spellcaster" you must find the Sacred Crystal of the Ancients before the sorcerer Dark Raven uses it's power to extinguish the sun with a wicked spell!

In "Among Thieves" you must discover which mobster betrayed the gang and find where he/she hid the stolen cash!

In "File X" you must enter a top-secret government facility to uncover our nation's deepest secrets!

Everyone can play escape room games!

Escape rooms are so fun because everyone can play! Everyone will unplug, work together to find clues, and using combined brain power, solve problems to escape the room. The experience at Escape Trappe provides a fun way to bond and create and unforgettable memory with family, friends, and co-workers.

We designed our escape rooms for people of all ages and skill sets. You do not need to have any special knowledge to solve the puzzles and riddles. Just be creative, curious, and have an open mind!


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